Tiny Memoirs (Aug-Sep. '19 - Live) by Cigdem Kobu
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Tiny Memoirs (Aug-Sep. '19 - Live)

A five-week online writing group for turning your unforgettable memories into evocative mini memoirs that captivate your readers.
(AUG. 11 - SEPT. 15, 2019)
Enrollment is closed

Enrollment is closed now!

You can still register for the self-paced, self-study version of this class. CLICK TO ENROLL.

Turn Your Unforgettable Memories into Evocative Mini Memoirs Your Readers Will Love

Tiny Memoirs is a unique, thematic life-writing experience designed to get you to tease out and write your most evocative personal stories on intriguing topics such as home, motherhood, food, travel, and story-filled objects we cherish. 

This online writing program you can take from the comfort of your home consists of five different modules each of which explores one gripping theme through personal essays that will work your imagination and writing prompts that will get your words flowing.

The daily essays and prompts will provide fertile ground for going deeper into your stories—and may even open up a greater understanding of yourself and how you want to tell your story. And the act of focused daily writing inside a friendly, non-competititive group will transform the way you approach writing authentic pieces based on your life story and personal experience.

I've been running women's circles since 2012 and Tiny Memoirs  writing groups since 2015. Hundreds of women from 27 different countries have already participated in the Tiny Memoirs experience. The live session takes place only once a year. I hope you'll join us this August! This time, I've also included a very special one-time bonus that will make your time with us even more valuable.
"Writing. Stamina. I love this experience. My writing is becoming a string of stories that paint a much larger picture. The words are flowing and they just won’t stop. Maybe I will write that book some day!"
SUE ANN GLEASON, Writer & Marketing Consultant
“I’ve never found such an accepting space to write truth in. This is unlike anything I’ve ever done! I’ve been telling everyone just how amazing, wonderful, inspiring this is. I’ve never written such raw, open stories before.”
JACKIE ROBERTS, NLP Master Coach & Administrative Assistant

Juicy Weekly Themes That Will Stimulate Your Writing

WEEK 1: "Edible Memories: Food As a Metaphor & a Feast for Memory"
We'll enjoy five field trips down memory lane in our first week, looking for juicy, delicious morsels of writing inspiration. As we tell our food-related stories, we'll also explore food as a metaphor and a feast for memory—food that inspires, nourishes, seduces, and connects. From soul food to aphrodisiac food, from slow food to exotic delicacies, and from appetite to hunger, we'll discuss how food and our memories of food influence our lives and shape our experience of being human.

"Passport to Memory: On Traveling the World & Voyaging to the Self"
A journey into the world is often a voyage into the self, the heart, and the essence of the human soul. Isn’t that why it's impossible to recall a trip you haven’t returned from unchanged? Our travel memories are more than reminiscences of road trips, vacations, and expeditions. Journeys can also be pathways to courage, mystery, exploration, understanding, hope, connection, and change. In our second week, we'll delve into our memories of travel while we also explore the inner quests those memories conjure up.

WEEK 3: "Reminiscentia: Things with Tales"
Reminiscentia is a Latin word that means "objects that induce reminiscence." In our third week, we'll go on a hunt for cherished memorabilia—objects that either hold tender, unforgettable memories or that work our imagination and unleash our power to tell stories. You'll be surprised to witness the kind of writing that unfolds when you write with such objects as your anchors.

"Mother, Mother: Five Ways to Write About Your Mother or Yourself"
Is there any relationship more complicated than the one we have with our mothers as well as the one with our children? In our fourth week, we'll explore five different ways of writing about mothers and motherhood. Whether you're close to your mother, distant, or somewhere between, and whether you're a mother or not yourself, few other subjects offer as much opportunity to mine your experience for stories worth telling.

WEEK 5: "No Place Like Home: Stories of the Rooms Where Memories Were Made"
It's hard to find another subject that is as charged as “home,” and it's the theme for our fifth and final week. Home is never just an address, a building, or the sum of walls, doors, windows, and the pieces of furniture filling the space in between. Home is about shared memories that are loaded with emotion. Home is also a powerful metaphor and a rich writing topic that promises myriad different stories, each with a twist of its own and each holding the key to the person you are today.
“This is a great way of gathering content for a memoir. What a wonderful experience and a fantastic collection of writers and writing! This feels like the most sacred writing space.”
JACKEE HOLDER, Executive and Leadership Coach & Writer
"This group is unlike anything I have experienced. It has unleashed many words that needed a meadow to romp in without fear. Think about it."
TERRI JACKSON, Photographer & Writer

Who Is the "Tiny Memoirs" Online Writing Group for?

"Tiny Memoirs" is a spirited writing immersion explicitly designed for women who love writing for personal discovery, creative expression, or preserving precious memories that should not remain untold or be forgotten. This program is rich enough to inspire your muse and get you to write your most moving stories and short enough to preclude overwhelm.

This unique writing experience might be a great fit for you if you relate to one or more of the following:

  • You have many personal stories you’d like to turn into essays or memoirs, but you don't know where to begin.
  • You know you'd benefit from guided writing with different themes to mine your most evocative stories, and you like the idea of being motivated to get them onto paper.
  • You love writing and always look for new ways to move your pen (even if you don’t call yourself a writer!) 
  • You desire to write regularly and want to develop a consistent writing practice that will enrich the work you do in the world.
  • You want to get good at writing honest, personal stories, and find your authentic writing voice.
  • You want to immortalize some of your most unforgettable memories and create a few written pieces your family, children, and grandchildren will cherish.
  • You want to practice writing emotionally-rich personal stories to build a closer connection with your readers (whether you have a blog you keep for pleasure, or you're developing a blog as part of your professional website).
“I wake up in the middle of the night, and I check my phone for new writings. I wake up in the morning and read more pieces over my breakfast. I love each and every single contribution I’ve read. I want more. I check my phone through the day, not wanting to miss a word. We are ourselves here, we are our authentic selves.”
SUE SHOBERT JORGENSON, Spiritual Guide, Healer & Writer
“After participating in Cigdem’s writing groups, my way of thinking about certain challenges and obstacles in my life has shifted. And I’ve developed a new mental approach and attitude to deal with them. This event is an opportunity to put ourselves first for a change.”
LEERAY COSTA, Cultural Anthropologist, Professor & Social Justice Advocate

How This Writing Group Works & What Happens After You Reserve Your Seat

"Tiny Memoirs Live" is a live, online writing group that starts on Aug. 11th and ends on Sept. 15th. Only 50 seats are available for this session and the program is designed for you to participate from the comfort of your home. You'll get access to the Welcome & Introduction section as soon as you complete your registration.

Our private Facebook group space, where we'll gather and share our writing, opens on Aug. 11th. The first week's material ("Edible Memories") unlocks and the writing begins the next morning on Aug. 12th. We'll focus on one writing theme per week, so a new module and theme will unlock each Monday.

Each time a new module unlocks, you'll receive an email notification to the email address you use during registration. By the way, once you enroll, you have forever-access to this class—even after the writing group ends. So, you can always come back here and work with the material as many times as you want.

Each week's material includes :

  • Five stimulating personal essays I wrote specifically for this program on five intriguing weekly themes,
  • Five unique writing prompts crafted to complement each piece, awaken your creative muse and tease out your most essential stories on the weekly topic,
  • Inspiring visuals complementing the written material (some of which are the courtesy of professional artists who were delighted to have their photos paired with some of the essays and prompts),
  • Five beautiful ebooks that included all material for each week and blank pages to use for taking notes or to fill with your own writing. 
  • An invitation to get your ideas and memories (inspired by what you read) out of your head and onto your paper.

You're welcome but not required to write five times each week. I recommend selecting two or three stories and prompts that speak to you the most each week and focus on writing with those so that you can enjoy a spacious experience. Later, you can always return to the class material again and do more writing with it. Besides, I'll give you an extra week at the end to catch up.
“I'm not a writer, I don’t consider myself one. Not to mention that walls of texts make me dizzy. But Cigdem’s writing programs completely changed my relationship with writing. There were no lessons in this class, only prompts that made the stories race on the page. I'm confident about my voice now when it comes to personal storytelling. I'm not afraid of writing anymore. I even enjoy it. I'm able to tackle larger pieces with a more critical eye, and I have become a better editor. Not only that, but I also decided that a memoir is in order soon, something that never crossed my mind before, ever."
MONICKA CLIO SAKKI, Artist & Creativity Mentor
“This writing group provides a huge opening to explore and navigate my own thoughts and then create from them. Cigdem’s stories never fail to start a little tornado, a good tornado, of muses and reflections, forming the words that eventually get put down. At times I write off the top of my head, unedited, and other times, it takes some thought and framing before I write. I feel increased confidence in my writing. I can imagine that in some ways it is the combination of the weekly activities that sets this program apart from others. Writing and life coming together so beautifully.”
DAWN SULLY PILE, Author, Speaker & Co-Active Coach

A Unique Writing Experience You'll Never Forget

You'll concentrate on exploring one intriguing theme each week and tease out your juiciest stories by exploring rich metaphors and the different facets of a gripping topic. You can write daily with the prompts, or you can read all of the weekly material at once, choose one or two prompts that draws you the most, and write.

There’s no overwhelm or the need to keep up with the group writing commitment. On the other hand, your experience will be more rewarding if you share your writing with your writing companions, following the structure of this journey to turn your memories into moving personal pieces.

This work will get you to express your deepest creative self. You'll be cultivating creativity and meaning through the places you find within yourself as you dig into each writing theme. The stories you'll allow yourself to write and share will astound you. 

This program is your chance to unearth and develop multiple beautiful stories. You'll complete this program with a series of unique pieces of writing that can stand alone or form the basis of a longer piece such as a memoir. Various publications accepted the essays some of the participants wrote during the previous sessions of this group. Other participants used their work as seeds for a memoir they’re writing, or published them on their blog and received much praise.

Creatively empowering...
I designed this writing program as a hands-on experience to get you to deepen your writing practice and strengthen your writing muscle while enjoying the entire process with wonderful writing companions who will be your biggest cheerleaders. You'll practice moving your pen, unleash your voice, cultivate the confidence to share your writing, and grow as a writer.
“I have been thrilled by the opportunity to experience this whole different way of thinking about writing. Deeply personal, evocative, and inspiring. Thank you for the experience of the daily prompts and inspiration. The whole course has been so beautiful in its structure and detail. Thank you for the richness of your unique creativity and care.”
CATHERINE DREA, Contemplative Photographer, Writer & Social Entrepreneur
“These essays and prompts have taken me so much deeper than I foresaw, much is churning within, and it is timely. I have been writing privately and hope to have time to share here—there is much to be gained by sharing. I love coming here to answer the questions. They often give me a different perspective. Thank you!”
MARY McCONNELL, Massage Therapist & Holistic Health Coach

A Very Special Bonus for the Participants of This Session

Imagine the joy of having your own, professionally designed, beautiful Tiny Memoirs ebook with your name on it as the author! Wouldn't it be amazing to share it with your loved ones—your children, grandchildren, siblings, and friends? Wouldn't it be wonderful to offer it as a gift to your readers and subscribers on your blog or website? Wouldn't it be useful to have a beautiful document that showcases your voice and unique writing? 

An ebook like that costs more than a few hundred dollars to put together and design if you don't have the time, tools, or skills to do it yourself. Tiny Memoirs Live is your opportunity to not just turn your most unforgettable memories into authentic pieces, but to also turn them into a beautiful ebook with your name on it. Isn't it priceless to have such a pleasant and practical way of sharing your stories and leaving your legacy?
Each Tiny Memoirs Live participant who writes at least one piece for the five themes and shares them with the group during the designated weeks will qualify for this opportunity. At no additional cost!

All you need to do is sign up for Tiny Memoirs Live, come in to our private Facebook group on August 11th, and start writing your tiny memoirs with us. If you write and share at least one piece each week (for five weeks), I'll ask you to email me your writing as soon as the group ends. I'll have your book professionally created and designed for you (up to five pieces of writing included). You'll receive your ebook by email and enjoy its beautiful cover displaying your name and its elegant pages perpetuating your most precious stories.

I've never included this bonus in this program before, and if I offer it again, it'll require an additional investment. This is your one and only chance to get the biggest value out of the Tiny Memoirs experience. Reserve your seat now so you don't miss this unique opportunity!

$100 off for the First 38 Lucky Peeps!

To celebrate the launch of my new website and writing lab, I'm giving the first 38 registrants $100 off. Use the code CELEBRATE during checkout. But hurry up! After the first 38 lucky people sign up, the $100 coupon will expire. And after all 50 seats are taken, enrollment will close.
“Cigdem's writing groups provide a safe space to share my writing. I like reading the various ways other writers respond to the same writing material. The prompts force me to think about the everyday and how it relates to bigger issues, my past and my vision for the future. The writing groups add rigor to my writing practice. They provide an opportunity to create a particular body of work. 
LAVERNE ZABIELSKI, Textile Designer & Writer
Cigdem's writing community has offered me a welcoming, safe, supportive space to be seen and heard. The biggest benefit is confidence in myself as a writer. I recommend this community to any woman who is looking for a circle of support for her writing. If you are mid-life and introspective, and if you want to develop or deepen your writing practice, you’ll benefit the most.”
MELINDA COPPOLA, Poet & Yoga Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a live writing group or a self-study program?

This is a live group experience. We'll be writing and sharing our writing inside the private group area from Aug. 11 to Sept. 15.

How much time do I need each day to write?

10-20 minutes a day is perfectly enough for most of us. Most of the women who joined the earlier sessions of this writing group did a lot of writing by setting aside about 15 minutes a day. Some who had more time spent longer time reading and writing. All writing counts. And everything is progress. You'll hear those two things over and over again in my programs. 

How present and accessible are you in the group?

Very! This is one of the elements that make my groups and programs different. In addition, you'll find out that there's an element of active, genuine participation in Tiny Memoirs Live. Each sessions always leads to a close-knit group and deeper connections with kindred, creative spirits. 

I'm introverted. Will I be overwhelmed?

I designed Tiny Memoirs Live with introverted and highly sensitive women creators in mind. I’m an INFP (99% introverted), and like you, I prefer a slower, more mindful, spacious, and sustainable approach to writing and creating. You have come to the right place. Besides, ours is a "should-free" environment. There is no need to "keep up" with anything. A week of laying low might be followed by one of commenting and writing prolifically; we all have ebbs, flows, and busy lives. We're here to support you, not to add more to your plate. You'll enjoy this experience.

Are there audio or video calls involved?

This is a writing-only group and you don't have to attend audio or video calls. You'll be able to enjoy writing and sharing at your own pace from the comfort of your home, office, or favorite café. We'll savor this sumptuous five-week journey of writing and reading true personal stories, documenting the richness of our human experience.

Can I take the material and write quietly on my own?

Of course! It's up to you. With that said, I highly recommended visiting the group area a few times (even if you want to write on your own). The sharing of our writing and reading what the others have written with the same prompt is one of the most amazing aspects of the Tiny Memoirs experience. And you'll find out that our group is not competitive, but very supportive. 

Is this a good fit for a total beginner or an experienced writer?

It is! Hundreds of women from all walks of life and with all levels of writing experience have benefited from Tiny Memoirs since 2015 and turned their most evocative personal stories into moving written pieces.

I don't call myself a writer. Can I still enroll?

Of course! As long as you love writing, have stories to tell, and want to develop your writing practice for whatsoever reason (creative expression, self-discovery, publishing your work, expanding your readership, healing—you name it!) you'll enjoy your Tiny Memoirs experience. 

I've already take Tiny Memoirs once. Can I take it again?

Absolutely! The beauty of Tiny Memoirs is that no matter how many times you participate, this process always gets you to mine new writing topics and interesting stories you can turn into beautiful articles and personal essays in the company of other people who love writing as much as you do. Come write with us again!

Will you offer feedback on my writing?

There's no writing feedback or critiquing involved in this writing group. This program isn't craft-oriented. Instead, it aims to help you develop (and enjoy) a consistent writing practice in the company of other women and get you to write authentic, personal pieces by mining the kind of memories you can later expand into longer pieces such as personal essays and even memoirs.

Do I have to be on my computer to access the class material?

You can log in to the class area and access all writing material from your desktop computer, your notebook, your tablet, and even your smartphone. It's an extremely user-friendly platform. I'll also email each week's material to you beforehand in the form of a beautiful pamphlet. Plus, each weekday morning, I'll post the prompts inside our private Facebook group, where we'll gather and share our writing with each other.

Do you offer refunds?

I'll be happy to offer you a full refund within 48 hours of your purchase with no questions asked. No refunds are available after 48 hours. Please read all sections of this page carefully, read how the previous participants in my writing groups describe their experience so you can make a conscious purchase decision.

How long do I have access to the class material?

The entire class material is neatly organized here in the members area, where you have easy, forever access to it even after our live session ends. You can come back here to use the class material to create new writing as many times you want.

How do I pay?

You can use the button at the top of this page to pay with PayPal or your credit card. If you have a coupon, make sure you enter it in the related space during checkout.

Do you offer a coupon or discount for this group?

To celebrate the launch of my new website and writing lab, I'm giving the first 38 registrants $100 off. Use the code CELEBRATE during checkout. But hurry up! After the first 38 lucky people sign up, the $100 coupon will expire. And after all 50 seats are taken, enrollment will close.
“I don’t consider myself a writer, but I do have a story to tell. This writing group has been a nudge to venture into an unknown place. Writing has clarified some of the conflicted feelings I have with myself. Deep, deep gratitude for you, Cigdem.”
"Cigdem creates a vibrant space for women's voices in a world that feels increasingly hostile to them. With creative prompts and exercises, she encouraged me to open up and explore not only what I believe, but why I believe it."

What's included?

File Icon 5 files Text Icon 30 text files


Welcome & How to Begin
Our Curriculum & Schedule
A Few Tips About Our Process
Our Private Facebook Group
Food and Longing
Food and Childhood
Food and Freedom
Food and Generosity
Food and Pleasure
Edible Memories - Downloadable Ebook [47 pages]
8.21 MB
One-Way Ticket
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
The Getaway
In Your Dreams
Lost in Translation
Passport to Memory - Downloadable Ebook [42 pages]
4.88 MB
Tiny Memoirs / Week 3: "REMINISCENTIA"
Something Preserving a Connection
Something That Belonged to Another
Something Captivating with Beauty
Something Retaining Love
Something Slightly Magical
Reminiscentia - Downloadable Ebook [44 pages]
4 MB
About the Contributing Photographers
Mother, Mother - Downloadable Ebook [48 pages]
4.88 MB
Imaginary Homeland
On the Move Again
Better Homes and Gardens
No Place Like Home - Downloadable Ebook [44 pages]
4.88 MB
“I can’t say enough about the wonderful writing here. I’ve put myself out there in a few of my pieces here, revealing pieces of me that are less than flattering… and I am deeply moved by the support and encouragement in this group. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating and maintaining this environment.”
MARGARET KEEN KEATING, Poet & Executive Assistant
“I cannot recommend Cigdem’s writing groups highly enough. She is extraordinary. You cannot be anywhere in her sphere of influence without being compelled and propelled into action and  transformation. She is winsome and wise; a woman with whom you would be privileged to connect and work with."
RONNA DETRICK, Writer, Speaker & Spiritual Director