WJR '19: "Wabi Sabi Creative" by Cigdem Kobu

WJR '19: "Wabi Sabi Creative"

A 10-day rejuvenating group writing experience for adding ease, simplicity and vitality to your creative life before the New Year begins.  
(December 5-15, 2019) 

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“After participating in the Winter Joy Retreat, my way of thinking about certain challenges and obstacles in my life has shifted. And I’ve developed a new mental approach and attitude to deal with them. This event is an opportunity to put ourselves first for a change.”
LEERAY COSTA, Cultural Anthropologist & Professor
“I am experiencing an inner calm that I haven’t felt all year. It was a thoughtful and insightful look inward as the year drew to a close, a respite during the sometimes chaotic holiday season, a way to reflect on positives, negatives, and forward movement.”  
APRIL M. LEE, Holistic Wellness Coach